These are the programs we are offering in 2024

Listen to Acadèmia 1750

Nunca Aurora tan Hermosa

Oratorio for four voices, choir and orchestra by Joseph Duran

In the musical history of the peninsula, Joseph Duran occupies a place of honor as the pioneer in the creation and premiere of self-authored operas in the country.

Joseph Duran’s musical work is an 18th century gem that captivates both for its content and for its mystery. Although its date of creation is unknown, this oratory appears to have been a tribute to the Requessens family and their legacy in the Palace of the Countess of Barcelona, ​​where Duran was chapel master.

The plot narrates the triumph of the Christians over the Turks in the battle of Lepanto (1570), exalting the name of the Requessens and possibly linking it to the royalty of the Austrias. This enigmatic musical legacy transports listeners to a time of artistic and cultural splendor, the Spanish Baroque.



Vivaldi had a very special way of making his notes tell stories without the need for words.

His descriptive music paints soundscapes and makes you feel and see the magic of nature unfolding before your ears.

As one of the most influential composers of the Baroque, Antonio Vivaldi has left a legacy that resonates throughout the world. With millions of views all over the internet, his four seasons and other of his beautiful compositions continue to be a constant source of inspiration today.

Bach Heritage

Overturas, simfonias y concerts

The Bach family is like a musical constellation, where each member shines with their own unique light.

The master Johann Sebastian Bach is one of the greatest references of the Baroque, but his two sons “Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach”, “Wilhelm Friedemann Bach”, and his cousin Johann Bernhard Bach, also gave us his legacy.

In this program you can hear such magnificent works as the Brandenburg Concertos by Johann Sebastian Bach, an Overture by Johann Berhand Bach, little known but with great musical excellence, a cello concerto by Bach’s second son and also a symphony by the first by Bach.

Les Caractères de la danse

Coreographic Symphonie

“Les Caractères de la danse” is a choreographic work composed by Jean-Féry Rebel, which debuted in Paris under the direction of Françoise Prévost. It is a ballet without a plot, composed of a series of dances such as courante, menuet, bourrée, chaconne, sarabande, gigue, rigaudon, passepied, gavotte, loure and musette.

The piece stands out for its ability to involve the viewer in an aesthetic experience, where each movement and musical note merge to create a unique experience. Each dance, with its own character, reveals the mastery and creativity of the composer. “Les Caractères de la danse” transcends time, reminding us of the beauty and power of dance as a form of human expression.