Orquesta especializada en Interpretación Histórica

The Orchestra “Academia 1750” Is comitted to the historical interpretation of music from the 18th and 19th centuries. With more than 15 years of experience, we have had the honor of performing concerts in emblematic places such as the Palau de la Música (Barcelona) or Sant Giovanni (Venice), sharing our passion for early music with a great reception from the public and the critic. We use period instruments to capture the authenticity and essence of the compositions we perform.

Coneix al nostre director

Gilles Colliard

Gilles Colliard, Swiss musician from Geneva, stands out as a violinist, composer, conductor and pedagogue. His training at the Geneva Conservatory gave him exceptional skills. He performed as a soloist and chamber musician internationally and held prominent roles as first violin in several orchestras.

Passionate about baroque music, he collaborated with ensembles and specialized musicians, and has composed more than 80 works, some supported by Swiss institutions. As a musical director, he brought his art to festivals around the world and shared the stage with prominent soloists.

Committed to teaching, he offered classes and lectures in Europe. His writings on baroque music and musical philosophy are recognized. As artistic director of festivals and competitions, he has contributed significantly to the promotion of the musical repertoire.

With more than 50 recorded albums and multiple awards, Gilles Colliard is an influential figure in contemporary classical music.

Torrico, E.
Scherzo. Número 334

“Academia 1750 performed an exceptional concert, the two natural horns, Pierre-Antoine Tamblay and Pepe Reche, played all the notes in tune and allowed the enthusiastic public to perceive the beauty of this oratorio .”

Mencions a prensa

Chavarria, M.
La Vanguardia. Pàg. 33.

“It was clear to the Venetians, at least, that the same culture that offers rabidly contemporary art in its pavilion – “not easy at all”, in the words of Ramon Llull director Josep Bargalló – can also export early music talents to the stage demanding”